Our computers track the outside temperature every day. Using this along with a proven formula, a degree day system has been devised.

Once we have two or three deliveries at your property, we will be able to accurately track your oil use. Whenever the computer sees your tank getting low on oil, it prints a delivery ticket for the next day's delivery schedule.

We then fill your tank back up and tell the computer how much oil you used; (since we fill the tank, we know the exact gallons you used between degree days). You get charged whatever the price is on the day your delivery occurs (no more, no less). We are very careful to keep on top of our degree day system.

Due to the discount price we offer our customers, we do require a credit card for all automatic deliveries. Our profit is just pennies above what we purchase for. Most of your payment to us goes to repurchase oil. We operate effectively due to the extremely large volumes of oil we deliver.

Since we don't charge higher prices for our oil, we do not offer credit to any of our customers, and we need a payment on any day that we deliver. We do not increase the cost of oil for automatic delivery oil customers. The oil price would be whatever you would have paid if you called for oil that day. We do keep your tank filled, and it is the only way a degree day system works for us.

If you are a current customer of ours, you can fill out and return the auto delivery form (available below) to us. If you aren't a current customer please call into the office to set up an account first. In the event you do not wish to go on auto delivery, you may still call us at any time for oil, but we will not automatically come out. In either case, we hope you will use our oil company in the future.

View and print our Automatic Delivery Form:

Automatic Delivery Form

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